Anduin Volkmar (Golden Sabre I)


The original Golden Sabre was a legendary Lawful Good paladin hero named Anduin Volkmar. He was the greatest Knight of his age who loyally served the just Emperor Trinian.

Anduin is best remembered for his leadership in campaigns against the beastmen of the Troikan Forest. In recognition of his service to the Empire, Emperor Trinian offered him any reward of his choosing. Legend has it that Anduin replied “I want no riches my Lord, my blade is my most valued possession”. To this end, the Emperor ordered the forging of the [[Golden Sabre (Sword)]], and established the Imperial Office of [[The Golden Sabre]].

Anduin Volkmar passed away peacefully in 418, having defended the Empire valiantly for over 50 years. His title was not used again until bestowed upon Harald Antonidas after the War of the Gated Garden.

Anduin Volkmar (Golden Sabre I)

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