Harald Antonidas (Golden Sabre II)


Harald Antonidas was the first Knight of the Empire to be deemed worthy of the title Golden Sabre after Anduin Volkmar first established the Office. He earned this recognition from Emperor Maximillian II after his leadership allowed the Imperial army to break the year-long siege at Isildrak in July 641 and rout the Drakian army during the War of the Gated Garden.

In the following years, Antonidas led the Imperial army in defence of the Empire in many campaigns, rebuffing all invading armies.


In his later life, Antonidas trained his son Archibald Antonidas in the hope that he would take on the role and continue to defend the Empire. However, Archibald was impatient and “hastened” the handover by framing his father for the murder of the Drakian ambassador in the summer of 682. Antonidas was given leniency due to his past services to the Empire, but was stripped of his office and title which was handed to Archibald. Archibald took the title Golden Sabre but destroyed the magical sword, distributing the pieces to distant parts of the Empire.


Within a year of his fall from grace, Antonidas was imprisoned by Archibald, who had overthrown and executed Emperor Maximilian II and crowned himself Emperor Sparda. He was sent to Northshire and was kept captive under the evil Earl Westcoate, who was under strict instructions to keep Antonidas’ identity secret, even from his successor as Earl. Emperor Sparda knew that Antonidas’ name still carried a great deal of weight with the general populace, who cared little for alleged diplomatic incidents.

Antonidas spent many years in the dungeons of Northshire, and saw a new Earl replace Earl Westcoate after his death. The new Earl was more kindly than Earl Westcoate, and often showed interest in Antonidas’ past, not having been told his true identity. However, the Earl died suddenly and in suspicious circumstances. His successor, the 3rd Earl that Antonidas had known, was very careful to stay away from his prisoner.

Rescue by Serin Quill

On the 3rd of October 702, Antonidas was broken out of the dungeons by Serin Quill who was trying to rescue his sister from enforced marriage to the Earl. Serin Quill was unaware of Antonidas’ identity and had only released him to get some help in navigating through Northshire Keep. However, once Serin’s family were rescued, Antonidas revealed his secret and informed Serin that he saw in him potential as the next Hero of the Empire. To that end, Antonidas taught Serin everything he knew about the Empire and its evil ruler, as well as what little information he had on the whereabouts of the parts of the Golden Sabre.


Antonidas aided Serin in planning his disruptive raids on Imperial property for a few years, but was too frail to help in combat. He died peacefully in the winter of 705.

Harald Antonidas (Golden Sabre II)

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