The Golden Sabre

The pseudonym Golden Sabre has been used by four characters to date. It started out as the title given to the Emperor’s Greatest Knight after years of dedicated service. Once Golden Sabre III usurped his father and the Emperor the name title was erased from public records and banned from being uttered on pain of death. This resulted in the noble legacy being wiped from conscious memory for decades and becoming the stuff of folklore. Only when Serin Quill took up the mantle of the Golden Sabre IV did it return to common use.

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Golden Sabre I

“Golden Sabre II” – Lawful Good Paladin – Son of the original Golden Sabre. Golden Sabre II inherited the title and blade from his father. Nobly served the emperor until his death then continued to serve his successor. The new emperor was unjust and cruel. Golden Sabre began to feel he was on the wrong side. His sense of duty kept him beholden to the emperor but he did disobey a number of orders if it meant harming innocents or could damage the empire’s reputation. King slowly corrupted his son. When old enough the son usurped father and became new Golden Sabre. Golden Sabre 2nd was imprisoned in Castle Cheshunt for 2 decades where although a prisoner he was treated well by the Earl and staff (who were against the Emperor). He took the moniker Nowan so as not to endanger those around him and insisted he’d been a prisoner there for a long time. The Earl began enquiring into his past and upon discovering his identity was killed. A replacement was put in place. The new Earl taxed the lands and became unpopular. Golden Sabre II was eventually freed by Serin Quill and would eventually train him to become his successor.

Golden Sabre 3rd (Emperor Sparda) – Lawful Evil – Served the cruel emperor for a year after usurping his fathers position as Golden Sabre. His greed was too date. He was too powerful even for the Emperor to control and he usurped him and took over the Empire. He broke the Golden Sabre and sent the parts to different corners of the kingdom. The name Golden Sabre was banished from the Empires records, to usher it would result in death.

Golden Sabre 4th (Serin Quill) – Chaotic Good – Young rogue who unknowlingly released the Golden Sabre from imprisonment and became his apprentice. Whereas previous men to hold the title where knights and important members of the realm Serin has been forced to become a revolutionary figure instead rebelling against the unjust Emperor.

The Golden Sabre

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